Junior Landscape Consultant

Saja’s role entails landscape design, scheduling and meeting with clients. Saja holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and prior experience in administration, landscape architecture, and freelancing. She enjoys the friendly work environment in the office and strives on the fast paced, efficient working habits throughout the team, which she believes shows through in the quality of…

Andrew Ward

Landscape Consultant

Andrew brings a wealth of book-smarts and experience to our team. He joined BaseUp for the ‘can-do’ attitude the team offers and enjoys finding solutions for a range of landscapes. Whether it’s a first home, speculative or rental property, or a forever home, Andrew’s job entails listening to client desires and budgets, then drawing up a…

Thomas Cullen

Landscape Consultant

Tom’s average work day includes meeting with clients to discuss their concrete and landscaping needs, designing and drawing plans, and quantifying and quoting jobs. Before joining BaseUp he fine-tuned his gardening, landscape design and customer services schools. While studying he found time for lifeguard work too. Tom enjoys the learning opportunities and new challenges available…

Senior Landscape Consultant

Creating unique urban environments for customers is all in a day’s work for Stephen Fitt. Stephen joined BaseUp in 2017 as a Landscape Team Leader. He has since taken his talents into a design and sales role.

Landscape Operations Manager

Jayden’s working day encompasses work scheduling, staff and project co-ordination, logistics and problem solving … and some administration and IT tasks. He has landscaping and drainage skills, backed with qualifications in management, horticulture and agriculture. He enjoys the challenges of his job, the professional culture and the company of his team mates.