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Lawn care & maintenance

The key to a smooth, lush green lawn is simple: water, fertilise, mow and spray correctly.


The biggest issue we see when it comes to maintaining your new lawn is lack of and inconsistencies in watering. By hand watering, your lawn will not receive an even or regular level of watering. We recommend investing in a temporary irrigation system with an automated timer. This will ensure an even and consistent watering regimen to keep your lawn in top condition.

Top three tips

  1. Invest in an irrigation system if you can
  2. Allow the lawn to dry in between watering
  3. Water early morning or last thing at night for 15 minutes each time


Fertiliser is a crucial part of maintaining your lawn. It encourages growth and helps prevent disease and weed invasion.

Apply 1 handful (p/m2) to dry grass and water well. Ideally apply just before rain. Fertilise your lawn monthly with a fertiliser such as Nitrophoska Blue or Di ammonium phosphate. Once the lawn is established (4-5 months) you can use a slower release fertiliser every 3 months.

Top three tips

  1. Your lawn should always look dark green
  2. For large lawns, invest in a spreader
  3. Fertilise your lawn monthly for the first 4-5 months


Keep your lawn at a healthy length – no less than 50mm. This helps to keep away the weeds and encourage root development  which supports your lawn during dry periods.

Top three tips

  1. Don’t let grass get longer than 60mm high
  2. Never cut off more than a third of growth
  3. Make sure your mower blades are sharp


Weeds will inevitably come up in any lawn. The first defence is to keep your lawn healthy, to choke out the weeds. With a regular spray programme most weeds will eventually become less prolific.

Stubborn weeds like couch, paspalum and summer grasses need to be sprayed in crucial time windows to control them.

Top three tips

  1. Mowing regularly will help top off weeds
  2. Avoid mowing too short
  3. Wait 2 months before spraying new lawns



Water: 2-3 times per day
for 15 minutes
Fertilise: Monthly
Mow: Weekly
Spray Pests:
Once in season


Water:  If required
Fertilise: Once in season
Mow: Fortnightly
Spray Pests / Weeds:
Once in season


Water: Not required
Fertilise: Not required
Mow: When required
Spray Weeds:
Once in season


Water: If required
Fertilise: Once in season
Mow: Every 2-4 weeks
Spray Pests / Weeds:
Not required